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Top Flights to Bora Bora from Los Angeles

October 3, 2018 in Experience

Bora Bora is an island paradise tucked away in the Society Islands of French Polynesia. One of the 118 islands in The Islands of Tahiti, Bora Bora is one of the most iconic tropical islands in the world due to its magnificent views of Mount Otemanu rising from the sea wreathed in shimmering blue lagoons. Home to white sand beaches and abundant marine life including many types of rays, colorful fish and sharks. Thatched-roof villas and romantic bungalows complete a scene that is nothing short of a fairy tale — and it is all just an eight-hour plane ride away from California.

Getting to Bora Bora

The Islands of Tahiti are located in the Pacific Ocean, so if you are coming from the continental United States, direct flights are available from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) or San Francisco (SFO). The average flight time to Papeete on the main island of Tahiti is eight hours. All international flights come into the Faa’a International Airport (PPT). From there, you will need to take another plane or cruise to Bora Bora. Local Air Tahiti serves the area from Faa’a, which makes taking a connecting flight easy.

With 118 islands to explore, there’s more to see beyond just Bora Bora and Tahiti. Within the Society Islands, check out Moorea, Raiatea and Taha’a or Maupiti, to take in the full spectrum of Polynesian living.

Best Flights to Bora Bora

The best option for traveling to Bora Bora from Los Angeles or San Francisco is to take a nonstop flight to Faa’a International Airport. Like any other destination, prices will vary by time of year, so check Google Flights or your favorite flight search engine to compare and track prices. To use an example from Google Flights, you could leave LAX at 4 p.m. on a Wednesday in April and arrive in Tahiti at 9:20 p.m., stay almost a week, then return home on Tuesday night at 10:30 p.m. You’d arrive in Los Angeles at 9:40 a.m. the next day, refreshed from your vacation. Your travel time is just over eight hours each way. The inclusion of additional airlines flying to Tahiti has also brought the prices down. Check these prices regularly as fares can fluctuate according to season, holidays, fuel prices and other factors. Most vacation packages include airfare so consider booking a complete package for the best value on lodging and flights.

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From above everything seems so still. The colors of the ocean are something I’ve grown to appreciate the more I travel. Whether it’s the deep blues meeting vibrant teals here in Bora Bora, or the way the surface of the water carries the tones at sunset, I’ve come to realize almost every picture I post on this platform in some form has water in it. It’s often overlooked but its importance can’t be emphasized enough. There’s no life without it. Listening to it calms us, floating in it relaxes us, drinking it heals us. About 71% of our planet is covered by water and oceans account for the vast majority of that. Every day should be a reminder to enjoy these areas but also do what we can to protect these ecosystems, because when they go, we go with them.

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Short Flights and Connections to Bora Bora

As mentioned, Los Angeles or San Francisco to Papeete are the quickest and most direct routes possible. Nonstop is just over eight hours no matter when you fly – but there are things you can do to make the trip easier on yourself if you don’t like flying for long periods of time. For instance, you could fly to Honolulu from LAX in roughly six hours non-stop, then proceed on to Tahiti via another six-hour flight, but this does require more time and could increase the cost of your travel significantly. Plus, the flight from Honolulu to Papeete only departs once a week.

Alternate Travel Ideas for Bora Bora

If you really have your heart set on taking several connecting flights, a Round-The-World ticket (RTW) or Circle Pacific ticket could be a more cost-effective option. The first is an international ticket that lets you enjoy a steeply-discounted rate for taking several connections that ultimately take you around the world. The latter costs even less but includes travel in a single region, as opposed to the entire world. You can also plan your own multi-stop excursion. It will take time, but you could end up with the vacation of a lifetime as you plan stops to Papeete and back again.

Bora Bora and The Islands of Tahiti are the epitome of a tropical paradise. A place revered all over the world for secluded beaches, untouched natural splendor, and the warm French-influenced Polynesian culture. A place you must experience to believe and return to again and again. All you need to do is get here!

Want help planning your trip? Visit our vacation packages page or let a Tahiti vacation specialist help you plan.