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The Islands of Tahiti Honeymoon

November 30, 2021 in Experience

When most people envision their dream honeymoon locations, their imagination wanders to a Tahiti honeymoon, with good reason. The crystal clear blue waters, colorful coral reefs, relaxing beaches and romantic accommodations all add up to the perfect post-wedding getaway. 

Whether you are looking for an exciting tropical adventure, a rejuvenating resort spa or a romantic dining experience, The Islands of Tahiti have many choices to ensure you have a fulfilling honeymoon.

Best Islands For a Honeymoon

You may be wondering how to select the best island for a honeymoon, but it all comes down to preference. The South Pacific islands of French Polynesia are comprised of over a hundred individual islands, including private islands, each with its own geology. This includes archipelagos with blue lagoons, rugged peaks, and lush greenery, many providing an ideal locale for a romantic getaway

Many travelers seeking an ideal honeymoon destination travel between the islands to explore the differing terrain and culture. The main airport is Faa’a Airport, but there are many smaller flights to facilitate inter-island travel, ensuring that couples can find the perfect island for their dream honeymoon. 

Bora Bora

Possibly one of the most well-known destinations in French Polynesia is Bora Bora. White sand beaches and turquoise water oozes romance, while the island’s floral palette creates an unforgettable aesthetic. A Bora Bora honeymoon will not only give couples the opportunity to relax in ultimate paradise, but also have wonderful pictures to bring home to last a lifetime. 

Island of Tahiti 

As the largest island in the South Pacific, the island of Tahiti is known for its beaches of black sand, vibrant blue lagoons, cascading waterfalls and extinct volcanoes. Many newlyweds choose a Papeete honeymoon in the area’s capital city, for the aforementioned reasons, and because the island is full of abundant activities and beauty. 

There is a lot to do on Tahiti itself, and staying on the island also serves as a great home base for exploring the other islands around French Polynesia. 


Often referred to as one of the most beautiful segments of the region, the Island of Moorea towers above the ocean with emerald-hued spires and tumbling waterfalls. Only a short flight or ferry ride from Tahiti, Moorea can be a day trip destination or be a fully immersive paradise. Snorkeling, beaching and fine dining are some of the best ways to enjoy the treats of this South Pacific island.


For a calmer, charming destination, the island of Taha’a defines the quiet life. The small motu, a reef islet, created by coral and sand, boasts white sandy beaches, lush vegetation and a pleasant vanilla aroma from the nearby farms.

Planning Tips for Honeymoon Trips to Tahiti

When preparing an itinerary for honeymoon trips to Tahiti, it’s important to consider what you want to get out of your first trip as a married couple. Each island offers its own unique culture, luxury resorts, amenities and activities, so planning is essential when considering vacation packages

Bora Bora is known for its romance, Tahiti for its versatility and Taha’a for its overall ambiance, but there are a few lesser-known islands that are still well worth the trip. Rangiroa offers world-renowned scuba diving, providing majestic displays of wildlife and vibrant coral. The pink-sand beaches of Tikeahu are as breathtaking as they are captivating, and must be seen to be believed. 

Are you looking for adventure on a jet ski, hiking a sprawling national park or getting pampered at the resort spa? This is the information that will help shape your ideal Tahiti honeymoon

Private Island Honeymoon

For an unforgettable vacation that can be reminisced upon for a lifetime, many couples choose to take a private island honeymoon. Although these islands aren’t completely uninhabited, guests only share the pristine space with other guests ensuring non-crowded beaches and quiet and undisturbed peace. 

One such destination, is the Island of Tetiaroa, is home to The Brando Resort. This all-inclusive resort provides secluded accommodations with private pools, large rooms and even a bicycle for each guest to explore the island. The exclusive island can only be reached via private plane, but is well worth the flight. To truly experience the feeling of untouched paradise,  Tupai has no inhabitants and only allows a select few visitors daily.

When celebrating your blissful union with romance and beauty, a honeymoon in Tahiti checks all the boxes. Whether you are hopeless romantics, endless adventurers, or expert beach loungers, there’s no better way to start your marriage than with an unforgettable bonding experience.  

Start planning your ultimate island getaway.