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Best Honeymoon Destinations in The Islands of Tahiti

December 21, 2021 in Experience

Is it any surprise that The Islands of Tahiti constantly tops the lists of best honeymoon destinations? Maybe it’s the world-class snorkeling and scuba diving in the sparkling lagoons, or the incredible beaches, or maybe it’s the breathtaking views and picturesque landscapes, including the iconic Jade Mountain. Truth be told, there are countless reasons why French Polynesia is high on most travelers’ bucket lists. Whatever calls a couple to choose Tahiti for their romantic getaway, whether it be adventure or relaxation, there are many ways to truly enjoy everything these islands have to offer. 

Best Beach Honeymoon Destinations

Probably known first and foremost as one of the best beach honeymoon destinations, The Islands of Tahiti has waterfront activities for any type of vacationer, and a diverse set of beaches that each have their own unique characteristics. The white beach sands are probably the first to come to mind in French Polynesia. But what some are surprised to find is that the island’s diverse geology also creates different colored sand, including volcanic black and even a gorgeous pink hue

Regardless of sand color, each of the numerous beaches that span the 118 islands also provide their own set of exciting and relaxing activities, appealing to honeymooners of all kinds. Whether embarking on a boat ride into the blue lagoons, partaking in a variety of water sports in the sparkling waters, lounging under the swaying palm trees on a private beach, or snorkeling among the colorful coral reefs, there’s so much to see and do. Explore the possibilities for creating the ideal post-nuptial vacation with this Tahiti Honeymoon Guide.

Best Honeymoon All-Inclusive Destinations in The Islands of Tahiti 

Not only are The Islands of Tahiti ideal for travelers of all styles, they are also one of the best honeymoon all-inclusive destinations. For lovebirds ready to embark on their first vacation as a married couple, all-inclusive resorts provide the peace of mind and decadent luxury to ensure the trip is romantic and memorable. The advantage of a honeymoon resort that takes care of all the amenities is that vacationers can focus on having a great time first and foremost. Many resorts include crystal clear swimming pools, but some even have private infinity pools and plunge pools to elevate the experience even further. For the ultimate privacy, splurge on a resort located on a private island, and walk along sandy beaches feeling like the only two people in the world. There are many types of honeymoon experiences to consider, dependendent on the type of adventure travelers seek. 

Tahiti Honeymoon Packages

Selecting from numerous Tahiti honeymoon packages should be the hardest part of a South Pacific rendezvous. Because each of The Islands of Tahiti provides its own authentic escape, it’s up to the couple to choose the best honeymoon destination right for them by determining which activities and locales would make their honeymoon an unforgettable experience. 


For those that want to truly let loose and experience all the wonder that can be found on the islands, there are numerous all-inclusive experiences that are tailored to those who love a challenge. Explore the seas while playing in their waters, travel by kayak to parts of the lagoons that are rarely explored and dive beneath the water to see the sea life and coral up-close-and-personal. There is as much to see on the land, take a 4×4 Jeep safari or ATV tour, or stick to the trails to see cascading waterfalls and other geological wonders. 


Of course, beaches are one of the main draws of the South Pacific, for good reason, they’re breathtaking. For honeymooners looking to lounge and walk along sandy beaches, take in the sun and simply enjoy each other’s company, there are many all-inclusive packages to choose from. Wake  to a decadent breakfast served in one of the iconic overwater bungalows, spend your days lounging on private beaches with your toes in the white, black or pink sand, and enjoy a three-course meal at sunset. Break up your days with a relaxing massage, invigorating facial or a dip in your private plunge pool. Whatever your dream honeymoon looks like, The Islands of Tahiti have mastered the art of relaxation. 


Whether you choose Bora Bora, Moorea, or another island, luxury can be found around every turn if you know where to look. Sail away on a private yacht, where you can cater to your every whim, only you, your new spouse, the ship’s skipper and a personal chef. For a truly VIP experience, book a luxurious overwater villa with a private pool suspended over the ocean. Or go even further with a stay on a private island resort where you only share the sandy beaches with other guests. Explore some of the many itinerary and package options to find the perfect trip. 

To curate the most amazing honeymoon imaginable on The Islands of Tahiti, use the travel planner to ensure that your experience is as unforgettable as your big day.