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Paul Gauguin Cruise Ship

November 30, 2021 in Experience

The namesake of the Paul Gauguin Cruise Ship was a prolific artist who gained the inspiration for his most profound work from his time in French Polynesia. His sculptures, paintings and prints were considered experimental at the time, and are still cherished today across the globe. One of the best ways to experience French Polynesia today is through cruises and sailing.

Embodying Paul Gauguin’s spirit and his passion for The Islands of Tahiti, French Polynesia, Society Islands and the Marquesas Islands, Gauguin Cruises escort guests to quaint ports and locales that would be widely unreachable by a larger cruise line. The specially designed small ship was built to navigate the shallow South Seas, while still delivering the elegant experiences that travelers expect of a luxurious cruise ship. There is no better way to explore the region than on a cruise through The Islands of Tahiti

Paul Gauguin Cruises

Beyond taking in the wonders of the region, Paul Gauguin Cruises create unforgettable memories while onboard the ship’s tasteful decks. Spacious staterooms, most with private balconies ensure a comfortable and luxurious stay. The on-ship attractions, including a watersports marina, decadent dining rooms and a five-star spa, add additional flair to the traditional cruise experience. All amenities and finishes aboard the ship embody the warm culture and welcoming feel of the islands, with local Tahitians serving as hosts and storytellers to immerse guests in the wonders and rich heritage of the area. 

Paul Gauguin Cruises operates throughout French Polynesia, with itineraries including Tahiti, Marquesas, Tuamotus and the Society Islands, with several different docking schedules. 

Luxury Cruises in The Islands of Tahiti

Despite the opulent amenities onboard the luxury cruises, Paul Gauguin Cruises provide intimate access to pristine private beaches as well as adventurous day excursions, water activities and cultural respites that cannot be found anywhere else. 

Explore the South Pacific from below its waves with a scuba diving experience. Tailored to experts and beginners alike, divers revel in the vibrant reefs, exotic fish and sea life that can only be found in this unspoiled region. For those not inclined to dive, underwater walks on the ocean’s sandy bottom provide unmatched views. Snorkeling is another popular way to take in the sights. 

Mount an ATV to traverse the thick vegetation and unmarred terrain of the islands. Get acquainted with the area’s agricultural splendors with a guided tour through plantations, farms and distilleries where guests enjoy the fruits and liquors grown and crafted there. Or simply settle into a lush lounge chair on one of the picturesque beaches of Motu Mahana or Bora Bora and experience the immaculate sights and sounds of private island life. 

With countless onshore and water excursions available, a Paul Gauguin Cruise guests can select and create schedules to match individual island aspirations. 

Paul Gauguin Tahiti

When Paul Gauguin first visited Tahiti in the late 1800s, he was inspired by what he interpreted as an untouched paradise. What he eventually relied on to shape his work was the authentic cultural aspects of the islands. He adopted the local customs, he used traditional artistic methods and he was moved by the natural beauty of the oceanic surroundings. To truly adopt the spirit of Paul Gauguin the artist, take in the natural environment, get immersed in the local culture and see the sights that make the islands so idyllic. 

Centre Culturel Paul Gauguin

No trip to The Islands of Tahiti is complete without a stop at Centre Culturel Paul Gauguin. Beyond exploring replicas of the artist’s most profound work, budding and established resident artists are encouraged to create in a dedicated space inside the building. Outside of the museum, explore a reconstructed version of the artist’s “house of pleasure” where he lived and created.

When you board a Paul Gauguin ship, you’re not only embarking on a luxurious cruise of French Polynesia, you’re also taking a journey through the historic inspiration of the prolific and profound artist who found his ultimate inspiration among its unmatchable locale and rich culture.