Te Hiva O Te Hiro’a Tumu

From May 27th to 28th, 2021 in Events Tahiti

(“The messenger of culture” in Tahitian) is, as its name suggests, an event honoring the transmission and sharing of Polynesian cultural values and jewels.
This project is also and above all, a way to highlight those who bring these ancestral values to life on a daily basis. Thus a Ma’ohi village composed of typical stands will be set up during the day to welcome the public. This is a unique opportunity for the local and tourist population to obtain a wide range of information in a single place and to participate in immersive and fun initiations.
Finally, and to close this event, the public will also be able to attend a dinner show where the main performing arts will be highlighted in a decor of Tahiti of yesteryear. A ma’a Tahiti will be offered to the guests for the occasion to enhance the short tours and thus make the guests aware of the exceptional products and dishes produced by our farmers and fishermen of the 5 archipelagos.
The protection of the environment will also have an important place in this project since Te Hiva o Te Hi’ro’a Tumu will ban plastic and other polluting materials by promoting 100% biodegradable materials. Te Hiva o Te Hiro’a Tumu

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