Bring the Family Together

Whatever type of family vacation you’re looking for, you’ll find it here in The Islands of Tahiti. On our 118 islands across more than 2.5 million square miles (4 million square kilometers), you’ll find a wide array of activities designed to bring the whole family together. With something to please everyone, from adventure-seekers to culture buffs to those who wish to simply bask in the beauty of this real-life paradise, The Islands of Tahiti are a destination the whole family will enjoy.


There’s Something for Everyone

Ocean Adventures
Cultural Excursions
Laid Back Luxury
Adventure Ahead

Ocean Adventures

The waters that surround The Islands of Tahiti are unlike any you’ll find anywhere else in the world. With an average water temperature of a perfect 80-degrees Fahrenheit (27-degrees Celsius), crystal clear waters with an underwater visibility of 100 feet (30 meters), abundant sea life you can interact with, and many ocean life conservation programs designed to protect it all, being in and on the water is a must.

  • Sail the Islands
    There are many options for exploring The Islands of Tahiti. Charter a yacht, hop aboard a Polynesian cruise, take a ride on a catamaran, explore in an outrigger canoe, or get a clear view underwater in the lagoon in a glass-bottom ‘aquascope’. Spend time exploring one island or even travel between the archipelagos by boat.
  • In the Water
    Families often enjoy windsurfing, jet skiing, parasailing, diving, swimming with the dolphins, and for the more adventurous among us, swimming with the sharks and rays, or snorkeling with other marine wildlife.
  • Give Back
    Learn about the Coral Gardeners in Moorea, where we are actively growing and restoring our coral reefs. Your family can even adopt your own coral and become a living part of The Islands of Tahiti ever.

Cultural Excursions

Polynesians enjoy sharing their rich, expressive culture passed down from their ma’ohi ancestors. Life on the islands is steeped in traditions and wrapped in the embrace of Mana, the unseen life force that gives the islands their power and mystique. Bring your family immerse yourselves in the Polynesian music, dance, and art inspired by Mana and the simple wonders of everyday life on the islands and surrounding waters.

  • See and Learn
    The Islands of Tahiti is home to some of the best and most beautiful museums in all of the South Pacific. Dive straight into Polynesian history with rare collections of art carvings and historical Polynesian artifacts at The Museum of Tahiti and the Islands in Punaauia. Discover the history and beauty of Tahitian’s Cultured Pearls at The Robert Wan Pearl Museum in Papeete. Explore the physical past of the Marquesas Islands at the Archeological Museum of Vaipaee in Ua Huka. With roughly 15 museums and local art galleries found throughout the islands, there is plenty to see and learn during your trip.
  • Historic Hikes
    Guided hikes and mountain excursions allow you to explore the islands’ Polynesian history on foot. Hundreds of Marae, open-air sacred sites that represent the center of power in ancient Polynesian culture, can be found throughout the islands. These sites hosted important events, worship of the gods, peace treaties, celebrations of war and abundance, and the launch of voyages to colonize distant lands and hold a deep insight into how the first Polynesians in The Islands of Tahiti lived.
    Celebrate Tradition
    Polynesians in The Islands of Tahiti celebrate and share their culture through music and dance, the Art of Tapu, tātau tatoos, and traditional cuisine. Be blown away by the power of a Fire Dance on the beach, watch a Tātau master at work, and discover the ancient arts of weaving, quilting, wood and stone carving, drum making, tapa, and hand-dyed pāreu that have been passed down through time by the “mama” guardians as a way to capture and express Mana.

Laid Back Luxury

There are lots of ways for your family to really live it up while you’re here. Claim a secluded spot at one of the many resort pools. Head to the white-sand and black-sand beaches for a day of sun and waves. Indulge in a family-style Motu picnic in the shallow surf while rays and colorful sea life swim around your feet. For dinner, head to one of the many world-class restaurants or eat like a local at The Roulottes (food trucks). Shop for Tahitian cultured pearls, get in a round of golf with a view, or charter a yacht for a day of sightseeing in style.

Adventure Ahead

If your family is looking for adventure, we’ve got you covered. Climb any or all of the peaks in The Islands of Tahiti. Give surfing a try, and when you’ve mastered that, give kite surfing a shot. Go whale watching on the remote seas of Rurutu, in the Austral Islands. Climb aboard a helicopter for a tour of the islands from the air. Go horseback riding through the hills and down the pristine beaches for spectacular views of the sunset. Or take a safari excursion in a rugged, family-sized 4×4 and discover the less traveled side of The Islands of Tahiti. And for a real thrill, go for a swim among the sharks and rays. You’ll find no end to opportunities for adventure in The Islands of Tahiti.