The Islands of Tahiti Experiences Record Breaking Increase in U.S. Arrivals

September 20, 2019 in Experience

LOS ANGELES, CA (August 22, 2019) – The first half of 2019 saw the strongest arrivals in The Islands of Tahiti since 2001, with 143,996 visitors – a 17.6 percent increase over 2018. Arrivals from the U.S. made up the most significant increase with 43.3 percent of all visitors. In the first six months of 2019, more than 47,625 visitors from the U.S. were welcomed in the destination, an increase of 29.1 percent.

Month Visitors % Change YOY
January 6,590 56%
February 7,740 18%
March 9,197 24%
April 7,316 29%
May 7,998 35%
June 8,786 24%

2019 visitor arrival numbers in The Islands of Tahiti

“We are thrilled to see such strong tourism numbers in The Islands of Tahiti this year, especially from the U.S.,” said Kristin Carlson, Managing Director of Tahiti Tourisme United States. “There is no doubt accessibility is a huge factor, with the 2018 introduction of new nonstop flights from San Francisco with United Airlines and low-cost carrier French bee. Affordability has also majorly contributed to the growth. With increased airline competition as well as upgrades to the Air Tahiti Nui fleet and the greater availability of Tahitian Guesthouses, Villas, and yacht charters, visitors have more accommodation options than ever before, at all price points. ”

With the shared economy trend on an upward trajectory, vacation rentals in The Islands of Tahiti rose 45 percent year over year, and stays in Tahitian Guesthouses grew 15 percent. Stays in hotels also saw an increase with an 11 percent growth. Only halfway through the year, the outlook for visitation remains very positive for 2019 and beyond.


About Tahiti Tourisme United States

Tahiti Tourisme United States (TTUS) is the Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) for the country of French Polynesia, more commonly known as The Islands of Tahiti. As the DMO for The Islands of Tahiti, TTUS liaises with airline, cruise line, hotel, resort, tour operator, travel advisor and consortia partners  to  develop  product,  launch  marketing  initiatives,  and  generate  robust tourism trade within French Polynesia.


About The Islands of Tahiti

Located in the South Pacific, The Islands of  Tahiti are  just eight  hours by  air from California. Surrounded by pristine, crystal clear blue waters, the 118 islands and atolls offer natural beauty, authentic island culture,  and  unique  French Polynesian  style. The Islands  of  Tahiti are  world- renowned for their white-sand beaches, stunning turquoise lagoons and varied landscapes ranging from  coral  atolls  to  volcanic  mountain  peaks.  Each island  offers  a  variety  of  accommodation experiences  from  luxurious resorts with  overwater  villas,  to  family  guesthouses,  to  sailing  via private charter or scheduled cruise. Privacy comes naturally in The Islands of Tahiti and offers visitors the space to relax and reconnect and to be Embraced By Mana. Mana is the life force and spirit that connects all things in The Islands of Tahiti. Tahiti is halfway between California and Australia, on the same side of the International Date Line as North America and in the same time zone as Hawaii. For further information, call (310) 414-8484.