Top Reasons to Shoot in Tahiti

June 28, 2017 in Experience
  • Closer than you think! It is located at only 8-hours from LAX and in the same time zone as Hawaii
  • Five Archipelagoes, 118 islands and an unbelievable range of locations and landscapes to film in Tahiti
  • The most beautiful lagoons in the world
  • Diversity, unique culture and traditions
  • Year-round tropical climate
  • World-class accommodations
  • A 30% tax rebate on TV & Movie Productions! The TRIP (Tax rebate for international production, conditions apply)
  • Local professionals and experienced crew
  • ATA carnet accepted for temporary import of equipment
  • No permits! (If production is not obstructing a public place)
  • No union quotas! Producers are free to come and shoot with their own crew or hire local people
  • No visas required for Stays under 90 days
  • Local research
  • Preliminary scouting assistance
  • Assistance with all logistics
  • Liaison with lo cal production companies, crew, suppliers and the community
  • Safety and comfort – French Polynesia is a safe country, with very strong rules of security, hygiene and health