Uninhabited Splendor


What if the most romantic atoll in the world was heart-shaped and located just a few short miles from Bora Bora? Welcome to the island of “Pere,” goddess of fire and passion, a place so untouched and pristine that visiting it is a privilege.

Located 10 miles North of Bora Bora, the islet of Tupai, viewed from the sky, features a heart. It hosts a double lagoon and motu covered with coconut trees. Many birds have chosen to live on the island and sea turtles lay their eggs on the beach from November onward.

About Tupai

Permanent population
4.2 / 6,7
SQ. MI / KM²
50 MIN

Tupai Island Excursions

Tupai has no residents and, therefore, no accommodations. But, if you’re up for a few hours on a romantic, deserted island, you can take a short visit to raise a glass of champagne or celebrate your wedding surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

Things to Do on Tupai Island

Heart-shaped Tupai is one of The Island of Tahiti’s most romantic locations. A deserted island with white sand beaches, infinite shades of blue and the beauty of pristine nature makes it easy to be transported to another place with someone special. Tupai is a popular choice to be the perfect backdrop for a wedding or engagement.

Wildlife on Tupai

Tupai Island abounds with wildlife who are drawn to the lush vegetation and calm waters of the uninhabited atoll. A large coral reef encloses a shallow sandy lagoon surrounded by long, wooded motus. In November, several species of birds and sea turtles lay eggs on the beach. Humpback whales also feel particularly at home in Tupai. From August to November, the whales come to the waters around the island to give birth and nurse their babies.

Traveling to Tupai Island

As with most deserted islands, traveling to Tupai Island can be a challenge. Visitors to The Islands of Tahiti had just the ability to soar above this romantically shaped island by airplane for years. Travel to the island, and not just above it, has become easier with charter companies operating boat excursions, airplane and helicopter flights from Bora Bora. Some operators include helicopter rides that land on the island and allow passengers to disembark and experience Tupai Island for themselves. Most trips last just a few hours before returning.