taha’a island
Island Seclusion

The Place Where Time Stops


Life slows down on Taha’a island. This charming and quiet island sweeps you deep into the typical Polynesians’ easy going life. Tiny motu with luminous white sand beaches surround the flower-shaped island with a soft mountain rising from the calm waters of a lagoon.

Vanilla-scented air wafts on breezes that pour down the hillsides from the island’s many vanilla farms, and those gentle aromas ride the ocean breezes proclaiming the island’s soul long before you can see it on the horizon.

The island of Taha’a is captivating. Slanted palm trees rise above pristine white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and overwater bungalows. Le Taha’a Island Resort & Spa and Vahine Island Island Resorts & Spa are among the finest resorts in The Islands of Tahiti.

About Taha'a

33 / 53
SQ. MI / KM²
45 MIN

Top Reasons to Visit Taha’a Island

The Authentic Charm Of Taha’a

In Taha’a, a quiet and secluded island, time seems to have stopped. When walking along the island’s trails, travelers can discover verdant vegetation and small villages hugging the slopes. No one rushes on this relaxed island, so take the time to stop by a pearl farm or sit under a majestic old tree and savor the sweet scent of the “Vallée de la Vanille”.

Taha’a, The Vanilla Island

What makes the island of Taha’a truly remarkable is vanilla. Polynesian vanilla is known throughout the world for its unique flavor, and Taha’a is the center of production. More than 70% of all vanilla in French Polynesia comes from this island. 

Taha’a vanilla plantations welcome guests to explore the island’s treasured orchid. Visitors will enjoy the sampling of vanilla tahitensis, a rare and precious vanilla that tastes like paradise. To develop the exquisite spice, a certain artistic know-how is needed. It is an ability that has been gained over time and with considerable experience. Much like cautious alchemists, experts spend several months pampering their Polynesian vanilla until the magic starts to happen.

Discovering the secrets of Polynesian vanilla in its natural environment will make you fall in love with Taha’a even more. 

A Big Fish Tank

Feel like Robinson Crusoe, lying on the fine sand dotted with lovely palm trees, facing the Taha’a motu with crystal-clear water. The scenery in and out of the crystal-clear waters is perfect.

Snorkelers gravitate to the coral gardens, a narrow channel from the ocean barrier coral reef into the inner lagoon. This is the ultimate living aquarium experience! 

Just a meter below the water’s surface lives a world full of all types of corals and an extensive range of fish call this reef home. Sea anemone, clownfish, octopus, moray eels, stingrays, butterflyfish and blacktip sharks are just the start. 

It’s not just beautiful, it is relaxing. The current moving from the ocean to the inner lagoon does the work for you so you can concentrate on soaking up the dazzling views. 

How to Get to Taha’a

The charm of Taha’a begins with embracing a simpler way of reaching the island – by boat. With no airport on Taha’a island, visitors rely on shuttle boats, outrigger or even seaplanes and helicopters from neighboring Raiatea to reach their final destination. Air Tahiti is among the carriers that service the Raiatea airport. No matter how you get to Taha’a, you’ll be treated to a dramatic view of Bora Bora just a short distance away.

Modern Life on the Motus

The reef islets that surround the Taha’a lagoon, known as motus, embody everything serene about life in the South Pacific. The motus serve to protect the lagoon, provide shade under a coconut tree, provide a sandy beach to rest and provide the calm waters for overwater bungalows at an island resort and spa. Taha’a is home to a few of these motu resorts and other Taha’a hotels that epitomize Polynesian hospitality.