From July 5th to 14th, 2021 in Events Huahine

The living forces of the cultural, sporting and youth world of Huahine have agreed to create an event around an event, that of Heiva I Huahine, inspired by the roadmap traced by the President of our Country for our youth: “Reconnect our Youth to its roots”.
With the support of our Tavana, its municipal team and through the ” Tomite Heiva rau no Matairea “, we are pleased to present you succinctly the concept of our event which will be called ” Heiva I Matairea I Muta’a Iho Ra”
Its name alone is already evocative … indeed, these last few months everything seemed to us in slow motion … all of us, we could not live our traditional Heiva this year … voices were heard to prepare our Heiva 2021 in particular by inspiring us from the Tiurai of our elders … and it is by collecting from our elders their memories that we agreed to take them back as much as possible.

Tomite Heiva Rau No Matairea
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