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Papeete, June 18th, 2021

Entry and stay conditions

In view of the national decree concerning the easing of border restrictions applicable since June 9th, the conditions of entry and stay in The Islands of Tahiti are changing.

Vaccinated travelers are not required to quarantine. Children under the age of 18 can travel freely with a vaccinated parent or legal guardian.

Important: registration on must be filed between 30 to 6 days the latest, prior to departure.

For unvaccinated travelers and travelers who have not been in one of the approved countries* for a minimum of 15 days prior to departure, a boarding authorization must also be granted from the High Commissioner. Compelling reason for travel still applicable: Health, Family, Work. Tourism is not a compelling reason for travel.

* France and French territories (except Guyana), United Kingdom, or countries listed as “green” (including United States and Canada).

Requirements for Vaccinated Travelers:

  1. The registration receipt from the ETIS* platform (please complete this application 30-6 days prior to departure)
  2. A negative laboratory RT-PCR test performed no more than three days before departure
  3. It is recommended to also bring the proof of vaccination document if vaccinated
  4. Children under 18 traveling with a vaccinated adult must take an additional test (provided on arrival) to be done at day 4 and day 8 which are to be deposited at their hotel or in a dedicated health center

Other Travelers:
For unvaccinated travelers and travelers who have not been in one of the approved countries* for a minimum of 15 days prior to departure:

  • The registration receipt from the ETIS* platform (please complete this application 30-6 days prior to departure).
  • An authorization to travel into French Polynesia issued by the High-Commissioner from the “Administrative Application” (to be found on the ETIS platform).
  • A compelling reason for travel: Health, Work, or Family
  • A negative laboratory RT-PCR test performed no more than three days before departure.

Please note that Antigen, Antibody, Self-Testing, Home Testing or Rapid Tests of any kind, including rapid RT-PCR tests such as the Abbott ID NOW  are not accepted by the Health Authorities of French Polynesia and aircraft boarding will be denied.

Requirements for Children (Under 18):

  • Children traveling with a parent or legal guardian who is vaccinated: The child must take 2 self-tests (distributed upon arrival) to be done at day 4 and day 8 which are to be deposited at their hotel or in a dedicated health center
  • Children traveling with a parent or legal guardian who is unvaccinated: The child will be subject to a compulsory 10-day quarantine along with parent or legal guardian in TAHITI ONLY with a requirement to take an RT-PCR test at day 4 and day 8 at the Louis Malardé Institute in Tahiti

Click on the visuals below to see the entire protocol. Please note that it may change in the coming weeks.

More information:

    • Quarantine guide in French Polynesia :

General information HERE

Booking conditions HERE


    • Tests at the travelers’ expenses:

The health protocol process on arrival including the Tests will be at travelers’ expense as soon as the payment plan will be implemented by the Government.

The package costs will be:

    • 5 000XPF for each vaccinated traveler
    • 12 000XPF for all other travelers

For the moment, this is not charged to travelers yet and we will make sure to communicate when it will be effective.

    • Antigenic tests at departure from Tahiti

For passengers departing to the United States requiring a negative COVID-19 test prior to boarding, the test center at the Faa’a international airport is reopened. A this stage, the center is open on days when flights to the US are scheduled from 3 PM until 8 PM.

In order to expediate your boarding process for your return flight to the United States, you may also pre-register for your antigen test and avoid a potential wait prior to departure. Two days prior to your return to the United States, you can contact [email protected], with your last name, first name, date of birth and your file number obtained upon your arrival in French Polynesia (found on the label affixed to the back of your passport).

Full details can be found here

The authorities of French Polynesia have declared a state of health emergency with the application of reinforced measures from June 2, 2021.

A curfew is in effect on the islands of Tahiti and Moorea. All trips, circulation or movement in public areas are prohibited, from June 9,  every day, between 11:00 pm and 4:00 am, 2021. The official statement can be downloaded on the website of the High Commission. Find the curfew terms and conditions in the frequently asked questions.


Here are the conditions to prepare your stay:

  • Since the reopening of the borders on July 15, 2020, The Islands of Tahiti have applied a common policy of canceling and modification to allow travelers to make reservations in full confidence

    The common policy
    The list of members

    • RT-PCR Test

    Proof of a negative RT-PCR test (any RT-PCR test listed on this FDA site is allowed) carried out within three days prior to their international air departure.

    Ex: If the flight departs on a Monday at 11pm, the passenger needs to take the test the preceding Friday.

    All molecular tests proposed with the abbreviations below* are accepted:

    *RT-PCR = reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction;
    *RT = reverse transcriptase ;
    *RT-LAMP = loop-mediated isothermal amplification;
    *TMA = Transcription Mediated Amplification;
    *Isothermal amplification;
    *STAR = Selective Temperature Amplification Reaction.

    Home Collection and Saliva tests are not accepted.

    The results of this test must be negative and will need to be presented to airline staff upon check-in prior to boarding the flight to French Polynesia.

    No boarding will be allowed if the test is positive.

    • Vaccines

    Travelers are considered fully vaccinated by the French Polynesian authorities if they have complete one of the following vaccine schedules:

    – Comirnaty (Pfizer) 2 shots
    – COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna 2 shots
    – COVID-19 Vaccine Astra Zeneca 2 shots
    – COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen » (Johnson & Johnson) 1 shot

    The deadlines to be respected between full anti-COVID 19 vaccination and departure:

    • 14 days for Pfizer, Moderna and Astrazeneca vaccines
    • 28 days for the Janssen vaccine

    Each adult must fill out a digital Sanitary entry form online on the dedicated platform ( between 30 and 6 days prior to departure mainly agreeing to:

    • Respect the prevention measures and all health safety instructions issued by the authorities of French Polynesia for the pre-boarding phase, during the flight,  disembarkation and throughout the stay;
    • Call the emergency health line at 40 455 000 in case of cough, fever or respiratory difficulty. If the traveler feels any sign of distress, they should dial “15” (emergency services);
    • Submit to the health surveillance system established by the government of French Polynesia which, among other health protocols, mandates a self-test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus 4 days after arrival French Polynesia;
    • Have travel insurance or personally assume all expenses related to cost of care including hospitalization, confinement, or repatriation, should the visitor fall ill during their stay;
    • Provide information about the stay in French Polynesia (except for residents) : itinerary, inter-island transport, accommodation (e-mail contacts / telephone / dates of stay).

    The Sanitary entry form is to be completed online on the dedicated digital platform [Electronic Travel Information System].

    Once completed a receipt with an ETIS number will be issued by email;

    Travelers must also receive a boarding authorization from the High Commissioner. The ETIS platform is the gateway for obtaining both documents. Both documents must be completed within 30 and 6 days prior to departure.

    A printout of this receipt and boarding authorization must be presented upon check-in together with the test results in order to be able to board the flight to French Polynesia and all documents will need to be presented upon arrival at Tahiti’s Faa’a international airport.

    The  printout receipt of the health engagement form is to be kept with the traveler at all times and in all places during their stay in French Polynesia.

    In order to find a certified Covid19 testing facility, you may want to check the following web sites :

    For the United States :


    • Self-Test

    A self-test kit will be given to you upon your arrival at the airport. This is an oral and nasal test that you must perform yourself, on the 4th day of your arrival, on the date indicated on the envelope containing an information note as well as a self-test kit with instructions to follow. Carry out the self-test kit to be deposited :
    – At the ILM center or at a health center;
    – at the reception desk of your accommodation.

  • Quarantine guide :

    General information HERE

    Booking conditions HERE

    • Wearing a mask is mandatory (from the age of 11 years old) in establishments open to the public, in open-air public spaces, in shops, at the airport, at the ferry terminals as well as on public transport.
    • Respecting prevention measures at all times and in all places;
    • In case of a change of itinerary, travelers should update the “itinerary” part of their file on the website;
    • Self-diagnosis of visitors: in case of doubt on the traveler’s state of health (fever and/or flu symptoms), they are required to contact the reception of their accommodations and/or call directly to (+689) 40 455 000. If they feel any sign of distress, they should dial “15” (emergency services);
    • Depending on the diagnosis made by the Health Authorities, follow their instructions which may include isolation measures and / or carrying out an additional RT-PCR test.

  • The Islands of Tahiti Testing Locations

    With the list of nations requiring negative COVID-19 tests to be taken prior to departure continuing to expand.

    Travelers may have the option of several testing site on Tahiti and Moorea or they can choose to secure a testing kit for their return prior to departing the U.S. See emed website for more information.

    The list of current options on Tahiti and Moorea for travelers that are required to take a test prior to departure :

  • If you have already booked your stay in The Islands Of Tahiti, we recommend that you consult the website of your airline company:

  • “According to Article 6 of the aforementioned decree, the High Commissioner of the Republic may grant individual exemptions to cruise ships wishing to call, stop or anchor in French internal waters and territorial sea” – Art.12 of Order No. HC 3099 CAB of October 20, 2020.

    Consult the website of your cruise company:

  • “It is forbidden for any pleasure boat arriving in French Polynesia to call, anchor or park, or disembark at sea any person in the internal waters and territorial sea of French Polynesia until further notice”. – Art.13 of the Order No. HC 3099 CAB of October 20, 2020.

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  • 03/07/2020 – Communiqué de presse – Politique commune d’annulation et de modification de séjour résultant de la pandémie Covid-19