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Welcome to The Brando Resort

The Brando is a unique luxury resort on French Polynesia’s breathtakingly beautiful atoll of Tetiaroa. It sits on one of a dozen privately owned small islands (motu) that surround a spectacular three-mile wide lagoon.  These privately-owned islands are available exclusively to the resort’s guests and visiting researchers. With access to the atoll by a 20-minute private plane flight from Tahiti, The Brando Resort is the perfect location for a relaxing exotic getaway.

Accommodations at The Brando Resort

The Brando is an all-inclusive resort which features 35 secluded villas set among beautiful white-sand beaches. Guests can choose from one, two, or three bedroom villas which all feature private pools and spacious rooms. Each villa has a bicycle for each guest that can be used to explore the paths around the island or take a picnic to a favorite beach. This Polynesian style resort offers two restaurants showcasing Polynesian-inspired dishes, East/West fusion and classic French cuisine.

Enjoy Your Vacation and Relax at The Brando Resort

An abundance of activities await those who want to be more active. Guests can snorkel or dive with tropical fish, sail in the lagoon, paddle board to a neighboring island, take a kayak above coral gardens, stroll the long stretches of beach, enjoy a guided or unguided marine, bird, cultural or other excursion, or simply spend a day in the spa and wellness center. The Brando’s luxurious spa and wellness center features several massage and treatment villas around a serene lily-covered pond and an organic garden where fruits and vegetables for the resort’s restaurants are grown. A lagoon-view bar in the canopy of the palm trees, a beach bar near a large infinity pool, a tennis court, a library and cultural center and boutiques are among the many features that make The Brando Resort a truly unique experience.


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